Secretary's Monthly Report

March 2018
Hello fellow Circlers
Those who intended to go to Loxleys were disappointed that the visit had to be cancelled because of the bad weather...particularly to the north of the City.
However it will be rearranged for a future date.
A small number of members made it to our evening meeting at which there was no specific agenda.
It did however turn out to be a very enjoyable night as John, the Prezzie, had brought along a digital projector which he had ' acquired' last year and had been experimenting with recently.
Although it was not the ' latest' technology it did project very well a selection of images (and I would say superb images of a multitude of subjects including stunning landscapes!!!) that Bill Hogg provided for the purpose all of which were thoroughly enjoyed by those present.
Many thanks to those who made it along to the meeting.
Rob the Secy