Obituary: Allan D. Smith

Allan was one of our longest serving members.
Allan Smith was accepted into the membership of the Circle in 1969. An Art teacher by profession, his competence in pictorial photography was reflected in his use of the camera as a paintbrush. He became interested in photography as a student at the Glasgow School of Art in the mid 1950's, and acquired a Leica IIIb. He joined the Glasgow and West of Scotland Photographic Association and also participated in a Leica postal portfolio for many years. A member of the portfolio group started submitting bromoil prints as his contribution, and this aroused Allan's interest in the technique. At a time when Circle members were moving to the digital age, Allan's interest reverted to a process dating from the first decade of the 20th century! Bromoil print production combines the skills of fine art photography, printmaking and painting, again emphasising Allan's artistic background. He was accepted as a member of the Bromoil Circle of Great Britain.

Apart from his photographic contribution to the Circle annual exhibition, Allan was responsible for designing the exhibition label which is attached to successful prints in the annual exhibition. He also served as president in the session 1976-1977.

He was of a quiet unassuming nature, but a man of many talents including silversmithing, a skill he also acquired at the Art School.

He will be sadly missed by his many friends.

The Circle members are grateful to Dr Robert Cummings for these kind words.