Members Information

Members Please Note:

All images for the Circle website should be supplied as follows:

600 pixels on the longest side at 72 Pixels per inch. jpeg

Please Note:

Our Annual CD pics for projection:
For this we will also need your images in the format of 1400 x 1050 pixels jpeg - resolution 72 pixels per inch ( Portrait style must be no more than 1050 on the longest side)

This means that we will need both formats on your CD or Flash stick.

Titles of images should be same as the original prints ?

Membership Card Photo:

Should be as near as possible 177 x 121 Pixels at 150 dpi for printing.


Members Guide (Annual Exhibition) Update from April 2017
Members should submit Six prints.

At least four of these will be accepted for the Exhibition and should be marked on the back "Annual Exhibition".
The other two should be marked "Coatbridge College" Prints can be numbered 1 - 6 in your order of preference.
(Please make sure that none of these have been in the Annual before or have been displayed at Coatbridge)
Members will vote for The Best Print in the Exhibition from the four entries.
The winner of this will be presented with the Best Print Trophy at our Annual Lunch.

All Prints should be in 20 x 16 mounts to fit the Circle frames.
All of the Prints should have the Title and the name of the Photographer on the back, they should be accompanied by the digital files.

Files can be submitted either on a Memory stick or Disk.