Can I Join the Circle!

Guideline's for prospective new members.
For further information please contact the Circle secretary via the website.
The Scottish Photographic Circle is a unique organisation not only in terms of its quality
of work, diversity of styles and background of its members, but by its ETHOS of
‘Membership by invitation’.

The original criteria set out over one hundred years ago was to limit its numbers to forty
members, who are able to recognise the standard of work of members of other clubs
and societies, male and female, to be sufficiently high as would benefit the Circle.

This Ethos still holds validity today as it did when first formed and new members must first be proposed by an existing member who will have recognised a high level of quality in the photographer’s work who invites the individual to make a submission of work for evaluation. However, applications may be made directly to the Circle Secretary who will guide the applicant through the selection process. The prospective member will be assigned a “sponsor” who will guide them through the application.

The applicant will have to submit a set of six prints (mono or colour or a mix of both) all
of which should be representative of their best work. Each print should bear the photographer’s name and address but need not be titled.

Ideally, prints should be made to size 12’’ x 16’’ mounted to 20’’ x 16’’.

As the prints are exhibited to members together as a set, uniformity of size and
presentation generally gives a good ‘balance’ and shows the work at its best.

Prints can be self or commercially made either traditionally or by digital means but the
image or every part of the image must be the photographer’s own work.

Applicants are encouraged to liaise with their ‘sponsor’ member for best advice in
submitting work to give every possible chance of success.

At the selection meeting a majority of 2/3rds of the voting members must be
achieved for a successful application.

Applicants will be advised of the outcome in writing by the Circle Secretary as
soon as possible after the event. If successful, the Secretary will advise the applicant
officially and an invitation extended to that individual to become a member of The Scottish Photographic Circle, when he or she would be made most welcome at the earliest opportunity.

As an Alternative To Full Membership:

The Scottish Photographic Circle is limited by its constitution to a maximum of forty print members.

Therefore we are looking at the possibility of introducing a new category of Associate Membership.
Primarily aimed at those photographers who are out-with the catchment area of our monthly meeting place in Glasgow.
The Associate Member status would be available to those people who had been successful in having had six digital files accepted by two thirds of the Circle membership voting system.

Many of these members have gained continued successful entries in worldwide international competitions/exhibitions. They are judging images on a regular basis and are on the Scottish Photographic Federation Judge/Lecture list.

Further details regarding Associate Membership can be obtained by contacting the circle secretary through the website.