Glasgow Royal Concert Hall Exhibition

A nice little story from the Concert Hall Exhibition
Douglas Harris our Exhibition Secretary received a phone call from a Mrs Clark who had been at an event in the Concert Hall and decided to have a look at the Circle Centenary Print Exhibition.

She was pleasantly surprised when she came across a picture titled “Sisters”.
Which was a portrait of four young ladies, who in fact were Mrs Clark’s daughters.

She asked Douglas if it would be possible to purchase additional prints of this, as she would like to gift these to her daughters.

“Sisters” was taken by pass Circle member Frank Martin and appears in our exhibition under the 1958---83 sections.

After some detective work Douglas was able to trace a telephone number for Mr Martin.
When he called the number it was answered by none other than Frank Martin himself who is now 84 years of age.
When Douglas explained the reason for his call; Frank said, “If I still have the negative she is welcome to have additional prints made from it”.

Frank must have a good filing system as he called Douglas back within 15 minutes to say that he had found the negative and would get in touch with Mrs Clark to make the necessary arrangements.

A happy ending for all concerned.